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    why at home and not in home

    I know there has been some discussion about the prepositions
    IN or AT
    in this forum, but perhaps you all can humour me.

    A student posed the following question:
    Why can I say
    I have internet at home and not in home.
    (which she feels IN HOME is also correct usage).

    Whereas, itís okay to say I have internet in my house and
    not at my house.

    Even though a house is not a home, they are synonymous.

    With reference to a house, there was no difficulty explaining the
    difference, which she understood.

    However, to my student, it doesnít make any sense that
    she canít say I have internet in home using the same
    structural logic and I find impossible to explain.

    My request, who can help me explain so that it would
    make sense to her.

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    Re: why at home and not in home

    She can say I have the internet in my/our/my parents' home.


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