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    masquerading as..

    The following sentences are discussing zoo as the possible place to protect endagered animals, but I am not sure what the underlined sentences mean. Can you help me?

    There are 100000zoos in the world, of which around 1000 represents a core quality collections capable of participating in co-ordinated conservation probrammers. This is probably the document's first failing, [U]as I believe that 10,000 is a serious underestimate of the total number of places massquerading as zoological establishments. [/U]...... I discoverfresh zoos on almost a weekly basis.

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    Re: masquerading as..

    I'm going to assume you intended the stuff between the [U] and the [/U] to be underlined.

    The author is basically saying that he believes there are far more than 10,000 zoos in the world, although many of them are of such poor quality that they can barely be called zoos. He then says that every week he finds new zoos he didn't know existed before.


    Note: It's tough to answer questions when we have to weed through a lot of typos and errant emphasis.


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