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1. What factors became so important to allow the English colonies to grow and prosper in ways that the French or Spanish colonies could not.
2. Explain the intellectual background regarding property and natural rights that shaped the reasoning of colonists to oppose a tax imposed by Parliament on specific goods and services. Describe the principles the Stamp Act Congress stands on. How do these principles help explain the onset of the revolution ten years later?
3. Explain the arguments against independence and illustrate how Paine destroys arguments. Explain why Paine's arguments to turn an act of armed rebellion into a fight for independence would appeal so strongly to Americans.
4. When President Washington left office, he bequeathed to the United States this appeal and warning.(Farewell Address) What potential danger does he see ahead for the United States? Recount and describe four events from 1796 to 1824 that you believe illustrate the danger Washington warned against.

1. The English were able to t respond to more challenges they faced due to a greater deal of self-government. Englishmen wanted to grow; they wanted their colony to become better. They all provided special skills to help the colony grow. They all worked together through thick and thin to build their colony up. Though the French and Spanish also worked together they did not have the motive that the Englishmen had to become better and make this “New World” their new home. If it wasn’t for the Indians the colonists would not have succeeded like they did. The Indians taught them how to plant and cultivate their land. They were their only source of trade because England was very unreliable. The more they kept on the good terms with the Indians the more they would get help from them and be able to use them to their benefit. They were not always on the same page with Indians, and just like anyone moving into another territory there was problems between the two. The Spanish and French both just wanted to extract wealth from the Indians and take advantage of them. Unlike the French and Spanish the Englishmen were able to live as free English men under the government and of equal laws. There was no one to say that couldn’t practice this religion and no one to take the gold and silver; if they would have found any. The colony of Jamestown was also in a strategic location, which allowed them to protect themselves better from others trying to invade on their new found territory. The French and Spanish caused a lot of problems when they ventured into the new world, and the reason the Englishmen prospered was because didn’t want any trouble. They tried to keep everything as simple as possible.
2.The natural rights: Life, Liberty, and Property. Three things that the people had to themselves. John Locke’s contract theory of government argued that people were endowed with these rights, and if these rights were violated the people had the right to over throw the monarch and change their government. The colonists owned the property that they built, that they had lived on; it was no longer considered government property. When parliament started taxing on ridiculous items, the colonists followed John Locke’s theory. They got together and began to try and over throw the monarch and change the way parliament was doing things.
The Stamp Act Congress really focused on His Majesty’s person and government. Their principles seemed to focus on gaining money for His Majesty. In order for His Majesty to impose a tax everyone had to have consent. Some of the states didn’t agree with the new taxes, which started one of the first acts of violence against a tax on the new colonies. These principles help us explain some of the events for the next ten years. The colonies start to realize that they can go against the government and do what they want. They start to have more and more self government and start to slip slowly away from England.
3.The argument against independence blatantly states that the new country could not survive without help. The colonies would suffer many material injuries, and will always suffer from some type of injury, economically or humanly. Independence would result in the Queen becoming very upset, and she would have to force what she wanted on the colonists, and we don’t want that do we? The queen had a very strict way of dealing with things. If you wanted happiness you obeyed and if you wanted to survive, you obeyed. The arguments again stated that they just couldn’t survive without the help of Great Britain, but Thomas Paine felt differently. Thomas Paine revealed that the Queen didn’t care about the colonies individually, but she just cared about the land in general. That she would do anything to protect the land and keep it away from enemies rather than care about the colonists. Thomas Paine’s rebellious arguments turned the people away from anything to do with Great Britain. Americans wanted commerce, which would secure a friendship with all of Europe because it would make America a free port. A free port for trade, where each country would benefit from. According to Thomas Paine “France and Spain never were, nor perhaps ever will be, our enemies an AMERICANS, but as our being the SUBJECTS OF GREAT BRITAIN. Paine stated that the reason France and Spain did not like them is because that they were associated with Great Britain and if we were to claim independence things would make a big change.
Most Americans didn’t like the way their new country was running. From the taxes and tariffs to all the rules they have to follow. Nationalism was on the rise and Americans were very proud of their country. Once someone had the courage to act out against the government, all of America was ready to jump on the bandwagon. They were all sick of the way their country was running, they wanted their own government and own rules.
4.In Washington’s farewell address he states many things that are valuable to our nation in the future. The appeal he is making to the fellow citizens regards the union as a whole. That we all need to change in order for us to make a more perfect union better than it already is. He sees a danger in the future that the union will break away and that our independence will be questioned by others. The Quasi-War with France is one that Washington warns us about. Our foreign alliance would be broken at some point in time. When the US didn’t get involved with the war between Great Britain and France, France was highly upset. Another consists of the Embargo Act, which along with the tensions with France that trade would be stopped. Nothing from France or Britain was traded to or from the country. He also warns us about the tensions that are going to rise between parties. The different view on different subjects, which eventually leads to the collapse of the parties for a short period of time. Lastly the War of 1812, the conflicts with Great Britain. Territorial issues arise but were eventually conquered due to the help of Andrew Jackson. Washington warns us about all of these events by just saying a few words because he is the only one ever to really understand what is country is made of.