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    not a teacher

    hi,i would really need your help!i have to do an informal letter and i have no ideea how.can you give me an example please?the letter is about me asking some advice from a friend of mine who is a decorator to help me to redecorate my bedroom,because we have the same sort of taste.i would be grateful if you could send me(if you already have one)a letter wich i can present to my teacher as mine or at least one as an example to do mine. thank you

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    Re: not a teacher

    Welcome to the forums.

    An informal letter is what you might write to a friend. Think what you might say in a letter to your best friend and use that. You can be more relaxed about the way you say things.

    This is a useful link on letters. Model formal, informal and business letters for English students

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    Re: not a teacher

    Thank you

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