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    I think to lie is the most misused verb in the English language. I want to present it in a format that will leave no questions unasked. I've created text using MS Wordpad (VERB_TO_LIE.RTF) and would appreciate your responses/corrections. (I've used the UsingEnglish website to research the verb. I hope you don't mind that I have used your definitions. If that is a problem, please let me know.) My intention is to post the page in some forums I frequent where it has become obvious that people have forgotten grammar.

    I've read that there is no "future tense" in English but I think that idea is absurd so I've included it on my page.

    Thanks for your response!


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    By the way, one reason I made my page about to lie is that I had to look through a number of pages at UsingEnglish because the information wasn't in one place. I thought I would put everything together rather than expect lazy people to search for info.

    Is there one single page here that contains details about the various verb tenses (past, past participle, etc.)?

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    Re: To lie (down)

    It would be better if you included "to lay" since that's where the confusing comes in. The fact that past of "I lie" is "I lay" which is the present of "to lay" is where the confusion comes in for many.

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    Re: To lie (down)

    I wondered about that ... thought that it might just cause more confusion but I think I will include to lay since you suggest it. Thanks.


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