I'm about to attend the celta semi intensive course at International House in Rome (starting on October 8th and ending on December 17th).
I'm really excited but also very nervous.
I was wondering if anyone with more experience could answer some questions that I forgot to ask the interviewer.

1. What reading material did you use during your course?
Based on what I've seen on Other Celta Forums, Swan's practical English Grammar and Harmer's How To Teach English crop up a lot. Would you recommend them? I've been given a huge reference list but don't know what to chose from.

2. Does teaching practice begin the first day of the course?
Any tips on beating those pre-teaching nerves?

3. Are there any samples of assignments completed by celta students available on the net so I can look through them? Do said assignments have to be hand-written? When must they be handed in?

Thanks a million.