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    I am taking english 1b in college and having trouble understanding the term critical strategies, can you please explain it to me. thanks

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    Re: help

    Here's a definition:
    Critical Strategies
    In order to assess the significance of a literary text, the critical reader begins by describing the complex web of attitudes, values, ideals, and points-of-view in the literary text that comprise its expression of the poetics of culture, the episteme of that historical moment.

    In describing this cultural colloquy, the critic must consider how the circumstances of the writer's life may influence the discourses contained within the text.

    The critical reader must highlight the social rules, codes, or mores articulated within the text.

    The critical reader must also acknowledge his own predispositions and cultural biases while exploring how the multiple voices within a text are balanced, reconciled or subverted.


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