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Thread: Lesson Plan

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    Lesson Plan

    Hi there..
    I have to produce a lesson plan for a 45 minute one-to-one lesson with a Kinaesthetic learner..
    I have some information about the student..
    Level: Intermediate, has been learning English for 5 years Job: Salesperson Interests: Music, keep-fit, films, cooking and sports. Areas he/she wants to work on: Improving speaking skills and grammar Needs English at work for: Making presentations, meetings, socialising, writing e-mails, telephoning. Learner style: Kinaesthetic

    Ive done no end of lesson plans over the last couple of months but my mind is just a complete blank today..I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction..any help would be greatfully recieved..
    Thank in advance


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    Re: Lesson Plan

    Why don't you use one of his/her interests as a starting point (perhaps use a text on the subject?) and do a reading/grammar lesson? Since he/she is a kinaesthetic learner, your tasks could be something along the lines of a game or something requiring him/her to get up in order to find the info (perhaps placed on the walls of the classroom, etc). No experience with 1-on-1, to be honest, so I hope this helped even just a little.

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