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    I was stuck over a question.

    Hi teachers,

    I was once working in a kindergarten for two months, which was a temporary job.
    Some time ago I saw a job advertisement from an elementary school.
    I mailed my CV to the address specified.

    Some days later, in the afternoon,
    I received a call from an organization. They said they had received my CV and wanted to talk to me.

    As soon as I arrived at that company, I was given a form.
    I needed to fill in my personal details and paste a recent photo of mine up on it.
    I was also asked to fill in a few words "why I left" next to each job under the Job experience column.
    I am sorry that I don't know how to call that kind of form in English.

    As you see that I left my previous job in the kindergarten because
    it was a temporary job. I left because the job period had been specified to be two months.

    Shall I fill in "contractual job" or "Temporary job"
    under the column "Why you left"?
    or could you suggest some better vocabularies else for me please?

    Thanks a lot.


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    Re: I was stuck over a question.

    Hello Kitty,

    I think, when you have a date with an recruiter who wants to know why you have left your previous job, the bets way, is to tell him the truth. You are simply searching a permanent job.

    I believe he understands easily what you are looking for, the sability.

    Hope it's help you. (I am not a teacher, but I know the recruiters).


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