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    Re: First lesson with 5 year old beginner

    Not sure how far along you've gotten with this, but I see some posts are fresh, so i'll add a few ideas.

    i'd really do a mock-kindergarten lesson ie what's my name, the days of the week (sing-song), "today is Monday, nov. 16th. you could do the year, if he knows that in his native language, otherwise, maybe a bit much.
    do a letter and a color each time, R - Red.he can color it, talk about it, and use real STUFF to show him words with r, the color red, etc.

    However, this is just to give him stuff to use in speaking. i would PERSONALIZE everything byt teaching him usable phrases that get him speaking such as I have, I like, My mom, mommy, etc. I have a dog. I have a big family. I am five. i am a boy. We live in xyz-ville. Why? because very quickly he'll encounter someone and when they find out he's proud to be learning english they'll say, 'Oh, wow! What's your name? Jerrod. How old are you? I'm FIVE. what school do you go to? etc and the listener will surely play along and give him lots of wows and he'll feel quite accomplished.

    The songs idea are great, along with a story each time. get him seeing and hearing together. i wouldn't worry so much about reading and phonics, since english is so difficult phonetically and so many of the basic words we need (see Dolch word lists) aren't phonetic at all, take OF for example. Should be spelled UV. they need to be able to recognize it quickly, regardless of phonics. you can use these as openers, warm ups, then a song, work on colors and numbers and a story, so he is building a vocab to work with later.

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    Re: First lesson with 5 year old beginner

    I'd just do vocabulary, holding things up and having the child repeat. Then do silly games to entertain.

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    Re: First lesson with 5 year old beginner

    Hi there,

    Yes I agree with an earlier post where the contributor said "think wiggles!"

    Check out this video of me teaching a six year old and an eleven year old.
    The six year old is a total beginner and so we are starting with some animal vocab. The lesson ends with a story about those animals.

    I don't do phonics because she is French so our languages are based on the same Indo-European roots - phonics is not such a big deal as many sounds are the same.

    It's also important to deal with concrete real things with the little ones and not purely abstract concepts like sounds - give them something they can relate to.

    Enjoy the video!

    Kind regards

    PS As I speak French and this girl knows that I do I use her native language to explain how to play the games. But you'll notice that once we are into the game I stick to English. In fact you can demonstrate these games with no need to use the native language if you don't know it.

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