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    For example, such as

    Gary's used cars are poor value for money, for example this car I just bought is missing a door.
    Gary' used cars, such as the one missing a door I've just bought, are poor value for money

    I've noticed that such as doesn't seem the same as for example in it's usage though thy're sysnonyms- does anyone know where I can find out why it doe this? Is it because for example refers to something close in time/space/utterence to the speaker?

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    Re: For example, such as

    If we get past the punctuation error in your first sentence (you need either a full stop or a semi-colon after "money"; and you need a comma after "example") I would suggest that "for example" is more concrete, actual, existing, real. "Such as" seems more hypothetical, guessing, unreal - a "maybe" situation. It almost cries out for an "if" after it. "Such as if it had a missing door."

    This is not a hard rule. For example, I could see "such as" used in a list: "Such as missing doors, broken windows, etc." But even here, I feel they are not concrete example of deficiencies you can verify, but rather things that would lead you to believe the value wasn't there, if the deficiencies were confirmed.

    You can't use the independent clause (that is, it has a subject and verb) with the "such as" construction. "Such as the one I bought is broken" is incorrect (not that you did that; it's just an observation). This might be a clue to why one phrase is preferred over another.

    I would be interested in others' thoughts on this.

    Your construction in the second sentence is awkward. For example, it looks like you have just bought a door. I might suggest something like this: "Gary's used cars (for example, the one I just bought was missing a door) are poor value for the money."


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