Livia Petto
If I need help with a specific matter, I know that Livia is always there to help me. We have been great friends ever since second grade and I am happy that we are friends today. I look up to her in many ways. I admire the smile she always has glued to her face and her generosity with people. At any time of the day, you can spot Livia smiling and helping others, which is what I admire most about her. She is a very energetic person and amazing at whatever she does or tries. No one can forget her unique way of doing things.
Livia is a fairly tall girl. She measures about 1.70 meters which makes her the tallest girl in the class. Her brownish blondish hair comes curling down a bit further than her neck. Her oval face is perfect making all her facial features have a special place in it. Her half moon brown eyes are covered by a pair of elegant, black glasses. Her triangular nose fits really well in her face. Liviaís lips are light pink colored and filled making them very unique. Liviaís body is gorgeous and so are the clothes that she wears. She is also lanky and she wears striped clothes which she adores she looks just like a princess out of a fairy tale.
Livia is the only person I know that no matter what is always smiling and enjoying life every single second of it. A spontaneous energetic girl like Livia is the perfect energy for a sad day. She always has a way to cheer anyone up. Her unique ways are weird but they do wok. My favorite one, and the one most people prefer is when she makes those weird funny accents and those hilarious faces which would make even Grumpy laugh. I am happy that whenever I have a frown, Livia is always there to turn it upside down and magically make it a huge smile. Iím glad that Livia and I share a friendship that is hard to destroy.
As hard as it might be to admit I cut myself last year. When I think about it, I realize that it was a stupid thing to do but as dumb as it might have been Livia was always there to help me fight against that habit. It all started when one of my friends did it and encouraged me to try it as well. As many of my friends continued doing it as well they encouraged me to do it as well. Unfortunately I soon fell into this trap like a mouse. At first no one really noticed since I would use lame excuses like gloves with no fingers or I would twist my wrist to hide those horrendous scars that were left behind by knifes. I knew that I wouldnít be able to hide the truth for long and then one day Livia found it out. Even thought her numerous tries did not work she did not quit on me. Instead she could have given up but she didnít and thatís why Iím so thankful to her. Words canít express my gratitude to her that she helped me quit cutting myself.
Every time I see Livia I motivate myself to be more like her. Her never ending kindness and her outsized sense of humor will always have a place in my heart. I hope that she continues being like this for the rest of her life, helping others like she helped me. And by this essay I just want her to know how happy Livia I am that she is my friend.