Mrs X,
Excuse me in disturbing you again, but I feel compelled to tell you again exactly what I have to offer for yours young&dinamic comapany, X gmH.

Being encouraged again after I read a lot of articles in press these days about the manner in which you grew up, day by day with all honesty I can say that I would like to participate to atetend and help for an extraordinary development of those types of games, rules, scores and suggestions for presentation of all applications where you work for, applications which already provided a great succes to you. I can say that I could work on the quality assurance as you have seen that i have applied for, (which supose testing new versions of games, help developing test protocols, test automation, test cases, write bug reports) or also on a veriety of position where to be responsible in brining new elements, reviews to the game interface. It would be very useful if you cansend a test where I had to put my creativity into practice skills that I know for sure that I have and really prove that my power of creation brings results. because today the watchword is dynamic and I knowing all these issues I could put these issues in practice in creating types of games (based on logical deduction or using imagination ) which bring a high level of users. for example I was thinking like that to do a game involving 2 users nd both to answer questions based on clues given by us in the end if they succed to find the right answer to show their compatibility percentage of teamwork in the proportion of right answers given. I thought so many games using the square to recognize fish species of animals selected according to a criterion presented before. and many many more. I would like if I had the opportunity to participate in a test that simulates the rules and working conditions within your company to evaluate me. thank you very much for Understanding and attention.

THANKS a lottt!!!!