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    Question Help!

    what's the diference between "too" and "either"

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    Re: Help!

    In their most common uses, "too" adds something, while "either" gives you a choice.
    - Take the orange one and the blue one, too.
    - Take either the orange or the blue one.

    "Either" can also be a simple emphatic, or concurrence with something else, and this may be the confusion in your mind:
    - I don't like the orange one either (Means, I don't like it or the blue one; or it may mean, I agree with your opinion of the orange one)
    In this case, "too" might mean the same thing, but "either" is the word of choice.

    You can use "too" in the second example if you change the construction a bit:
    - I, too, do not like the orange one. (Means, you agree with others in their dislike of orange).

    Hope this helps?


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