What I Feel About Writing

I feel writing can be very helpful. My feelings about writing have changed on a yearly basis. However, neither in school life nor in day-to-day life I was not disciplined writer. Guess what? Now, I am trying to change my attitude towards to writing whenever it takes to get to use in. I am not feeing the same way as I did before.

While I am not getting the full benefit of writing, I have seen so many ways going on involving writing between email, texts and Tweets, our society spends a lot of time communicating via the written word. People spend more time writing in their professional and their personal lives than we probably imagined we would back school.

Here I am back to school taking writing course after four years away from it. The fact that I am back to school made me realize the importance of writing. I still have a chance to be a better expressing my self in writing than any other way and get a butter translation when I read what other say rather than hearing them speak.

As I learn from what I have seen, writing can be a great tool to help you know more about the way you think, writing can solidify ideas and thoughts and allow you more to reflect on them better than if the ideas remained evolving in your mind. Also, writing helps you learn how to form language, how to spell, how to put together a plot. You learn how to make a logical argument, or how to persuade, mainly through writing. Speaking can help you learn those things as well. That is exactly what I am going to get it. I believe that small changes make an enormous impact.

Since I decided to go back to school, I write in a journal regularly, I attempt to write poetry, and I also write many short stories of my life experience. I am most grateful for learning more about writing, and abilities as a writer, during the past few weeks than in my whole lifetime. I have come to believe that learning to writing well is important and necessary; for writing is used by everyone, everywhere, everybody and I am more than satisfied with my progress.

Thereís no particular time for me to write, I can write any time in the day. I write whenever I feel like to I keep getting ideas to write about different things and whenever I feel that idea has been properly organized in my mind, I begin to write it I usually get ideas to write from my surroundings, from life itself, or from my personal experiences.

Writing is how much of the world communicates. If you don't write, you cut yourself off from a large community. It is one of my greatest desires to write English confidently. I must admit that many years ago I should have done this, however itís never too late to begin writing.