Hi all

I'm a CELTA qualified, English teacher (from England) with 4 years teaching experience. As I love my job and want to stay in this "game", I know that further qualifications are needed to advance my job prospects and professional development.

Having previously worked for schools (such as British Council and others) where the DELTA has been offered, or is considered in high regards, I've always thought that the DELTA would be my next step. However, having spent some time travelling the US/Canada, and with a wish/dream to work there one day (especially the US), I am now looking into the possibility of doing an MA TESOL (which seems to be preferable over there). I also want to increase my career prospects in all areas of this industry.

Firstly, I know that VISA rules are extremely stringent in North America, but do any foreign nationals have experience of gaining a job in TEFL/TESOL in the US? With so many American English teachers I realise it's almost impossible to justify employing a foreign national, but is it possible?

Secondly, would the MA TESOL be the best thing for me to do now anyway? I've heard a lot of people who have one claim it to be an almost worthless piece of paper, but surely there must be benefits to having one?

Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Regards, Alan