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    Post help me for my "INTRODUCE LETTER"

    HI ALL

    I am completing some materials for applying a PhD program in Germany, but I m not sure about my introduced letter. Therefore, I'll be glad very much if everyone can help me to correct it and give useful advices.
    Thank for your help very much!

    I am xxx, born in 1981 in yyy, Vietnam, an area that has been long known for its celebrities, and I am writing this letter in the hope of pursuing advanced studies in Germany. Such studies, I believe, are indispensable for my future career development and will benefit me for my whole life.

    One of reasons that I choose Mathematics is my approaching to this field. Since I was at primary school, Mathematics has been my passion. I enjoy solving puzzles and facing challenges. I can spend from four to five hours continuously considering, developing and solving mathematics problems. I may not give a solution so quickly, but I can consider a problem deeply in a long time to give different solutions to more familiar and more general problems and create new problems. I believe that competent mathematicians not only give solutions to given problems but also create new significant problems for further development. I decided to choose Mathematics as my major when I went to university. In 1999, I gained acceptance into Vinh University, one of the best 20 institutions of higher learning in Viet Nam.

    During my undergraduate studies, I strove academically and acquired systematic and comprehensive training in the group work of mathematics. I have always been one of the best 5 students of the undisputed academic leader in my undergraduate class. My overall is 76.8%, ranking fourth among my class of 67. While enjoying my courses, I also cherished every opportunity in each course project. Combining theory with practice deepened my understanding of textbook knowledge and enriched my hands on experience. I worked very hard toward my objective. It was the unsatisfactory with what had been achieved that motivated me work harder. As a result, I got scholarship granted by Vinh University in three years.
    In addition, I actively involved myself in a variety of school activities. During four years, I was always an assistant monitor responsible for the studying and other activities of my class. I always helped other members as much as possible in order to make them progress together. These activities made our class became solidary and close-knit team in which members were readily to concern and help each other, make them progress together. Futhermore, I am an active volunteer in society actions. I volunteered for teaching children at Children’s village of Vinh city (SOS in Vinh City) where I learned undergraduate when I was the first year student, and raising culture in some Villages of Thanh Hoa city when I was the third year student. As a result, I was awarded the Paper award of the Executive Delegation of Communist Youth of Vinh University for achieving performance excellence in volunteer action year in 2003.

    On the strength of my outstanding performance, I entered the graduate program at Vinh University, one of best twenty Universities in Viet Nam. In 2006, waived of the entrance examination. Devoted and hardworking, I completed the course with the good result.
    The most significant part of my graduate studies is perhaps my thesis “ Direct sum on (1 – C­­1) modules” supervised by Associate Professor Ngo Si Tung. Our work was published by a paper at Journal of Science in Vinh University in 2007. In the paper Some results on finite direct sums of CS – modules”, We gave some new results to answer a part of Haramanci and Smith’ s question * that “ Let M = U1 Å U2ÅÅUn be a finite direct sum of uniform modules Ui (1≤ i ≤ n) such that UiÅUj is CS – module for all 1≤ i ≤ j ≤ n; Is M a CS – module?”. We showed that this is true regarding M = ÅiÎIUi that the length of most Ui module is 2, or with respect to M = U1 Å U2ÅÅUn that is a decomposition complement uniform direct summands and every monomorphism Ui à Uj is an isomorphism.

    After finishing my master, Since 2006, I’ve been teaching at Faculty of Primary Education, Vinh University. In this period of time, I’ve been practicing skills in teaching, learning more deeply in Mathematics and getting used with the using foreign language in studying, researching and teaching. I continoused to research with my supervisor, Assistant Professor Ngo Si Tung. I read many books to improve my knowledge, and I recognized where I am in the science world and what the new advances and modern trends in Commutative Algebra, Computer Algebra, and Algebraic Geometry. Without my expert work, I had also worked as a manager who controls and helps our department students to do general actions during the period from 2006 to 2008. For contributing, I was awarded two prizes, including the Paper award of the Executive Provincial Delegation Nghe An for achieving performance excellence in organizations and the youth movement of the higher school year in 2006 – 2007 and Certificate of Merit of the Executive Central Communist Youth Union Ho Chi Minh for achieving excellent performance in groups and youth movements in 2007 – 2008.

    In 2009, I was awarded a scholarship to do doctor program by Vietnam government in three years. The competitive examination of this scholarship was extremely competitive with only about 400 people to be selected from thousands of people. In order to realize my dream, I would like to apply for PhD Program in Germany. First of all, I am impressed by the qualified professors in the program. Giving the chance to work with knowledgeable professors would open my mind to key research problems. Thus, I strongly believe attending this program will provide me with profound theories in mathematics, computer algebra. Moreover, I highly treasure the teamwork spirit in which I could collaborate, learn and improve myself from colleagues. So, being part of the intellectual community of a university in Germany, I expect my contacts with professors, students and researchers will be burgeoning. These are invaluable experiences that, I believe, are vital to my future research career in professional research institutes like Vinh University after the completion of my studies.

    I believe I am well qualified to study the PhD program in Germany with relevant knowledge and research experiences, having the necessary enthusiasm, energy and commitment to follow my dream and objectives in a budding research career.

    (*) A. Haramanci and P.F. Smith, Finite direct sum of CS - modules, Houston J. Math 19 (1993), 523 - 532.

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    Re: help me for my "INTRODUCE LETTER"

    I don't know why you mention your city is home to celebrities. Keep it serious, this is Germany, and it's a doctoral program. :)

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    Thumbs up Re: help me for my "INTRODUCE LETTER"

    Dear you
    Thanks you for your helpful commentation. That's my mistake, and I will correct it.
    Good luck!

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