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    my 1st experience in class

    From my very first experience, I have always loved teaching! As expressed by Socrates , " teaching is a gift, learning is a skill." However, good teaching requires practice and patience, as we learn from our own experience by trial and error, and as we learn vicariously from the experiences of others. This God-given gift must be developed and skills added to it . since I am still a learner who has been experiencing practicum teaching , I do not expect myself to be a profession. So, I would have a lot of mistakes due to lack experience. In contrast , I thank God that I create a wonderful attitude in the school among teachers and students, especially who I'm teaching in, and overcome the obstacles . Before I come to school, I knew some information about it. Thus , I have had plans and ideas to put some changes. By the first week , after taking permission from the principle, I was in charge of Out-of-Class-Activities occurred in recess or take students out of regularly scheduled classes . The second week was a big bomb to all people in school. Each Saturday prayer , prices are distributed to the winners of different reasons; therefore, this day is very special to all of us .

    During the second week, I have not thought that myself would rapidly have a good reputation to other students. Students would come from other classes or levels and say to me , : " please teacher , we beg you to teach us English. You seem to be knowing teaching very well… We want to learn English " It really gives me a high encouragement and motivated me to work harder to become a better instructor, and develop more.
    It is essential to visit my classes with the old ( original) teacher before I come teach them. I was able to sit in a class that I has not enjoyed me that much. Students were quite, bored of class and afraid. I'm not bitebiking but just saying the truth. Also, it was lane knowing that technology is unavailable. The teacher said to me, “Would you like to teach the next class?” I was zealous !! Then, it was my turn! Afterwards, that Wednesday was a huge day for me because I get to teach 1st intermediate. I have a lesson plan that they need to follow but I am not sure about their cooperation in class. I love children " but they are teenagers " . So I am sure that I can handle any misbehavior that may occur. I think if I did not have the patience that I do with children I would not be in the profession that I am in currently. I think that any special education teacher has a special heart and the most patience of any person. In my opinion, whatever path that you choose will really have to pinpoint your personality because is whatever you choose will really make or break your life.

    On the first day of my teaching , it was a very simple friendly chat about how do you find English ? and why ? Most answers you may hear, " it's difficult" , " It's boring " , " the teacher is harsh " . Also , I gave them a brief introduction to some general aspects of my discipline or to the specific subject matter to my new way (1). I tried to gauge students' prior experience with my discipline. The next class , I prepared my lesson plan, and got my own projector. To be honest, I tried to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere . As I taught, I was able to establish eye-contact with every student in the room. I could see by the expressions on their faces that they were getting it, that they understood what I was saying! When students didn’t understand something, they didn’t even need to ask a question—I could tell by the puzzled look on their faces when something wasn’t clear to everyone. The students seemed to understand the lesson, and they really liked and appreciated my teaching style.
    In this, my very first teaching experience, I learned the most important requirements for good teaching— eye contact and student interaction! I feel very confident about everything. I just cannot believe that I am at the time in my practicum where I actually get to go out into my field and teach students. This is truly my passion in life. I really feel that I can make a difference in a one's life. Many children who are born with special needs have a special gift and deserve the right to a great education, which I feel I can give them. Needless to say, the first 2 weeks went pretty well. Yes, I did encounter a few collisions which resulted in only minor bumps and bruises. Fortunately, I was determined to get back on the bike and try again, disregarding demoralization from other teachers.

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    Re: my 1st experience in class

    well it's good to have a passion for teaching like the one you have. In our arab world, teaching English is usually more manageable with young learners than with teenagers and adults.It was my wish to teach children because they are more motivated and ready to embrace any new language not like my intermediate and adult students who express no interest in English. For them, what matters is the mastery of scientific subjects which are going to guarrantee for them a good orientation in higher education.

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