Look at the student’s profile below:

Level: Pre-intermediate, has been learning English for 2 years
AGE: 26
JOB: Pilot
INTERESTS: Action movies, extreme sports, rock music, travelling
AREAS HE WANTS TO WORK ON: Improving speaking skills and grammar (especially the tenses)
NEEDS ENGLISH FOR: Working on international flights, meeting with foreign colleagues, socializing, writing e-mails, telephoning.

Based on the information above, i need to write a lesson plan for a 45 minute lesson for this student. Reminding yourself of the rules of lesson planning and include the following information:

• Objective
• Target language
• Assumed knowledge
• Anticipated problems
• Solutions
• Preparations and aids

I Then write a step-by-step lesson plan including timing and interaction for each stage.

I am really stuck with writers block and could genuinely use your help.