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    Exclamation wH !!!!!!, to be or not to be pronounce ?????

    while I was watching a Micheal Moore's movie, "Sicko", I noticed that when Moore was in Canada (I really don't remember what part of Canada was) people, especially the elderly, usually made enfasis on the pronaunciation of the letter H when followed by the the letter W, basically they pronounced the H in words, such as "While", "What", "Why", "Which", "whip", etc

    I've always thought that words like what, were pronounced as in "wut", which as in "wich", and while as in "wiel", intead those poeple pronounced what, like "w-Hat" or even "hw-at", and which like, 'w-Hich" or hw-ich.

    So my question here is simple, Have I been pronouncing these words incorreclty all this time or is it just some sort of regional or local dialect ??, or is it that those words have alternative pronunciations that I din't know about till now, therefore, both pronunciations would be correct ??

    any thought on that.
    why does it happen?

    Oh, something else. if this way of saying the "WH" sound is right, then where exactly do people talk like that? in what parts of The United States and canada

    BTW, I found a video that's very helpful, were someone talks the way I just explained, (that's for those who are going to come here and say that I just made that up coz, no1 talks like that, I know you guys are going to show up, LOL)
    Here's the Video:
    YouTube - Family Guy - New Cool Whip

    oh, I found another one LOL
    YouTube - Family Guy - Cool Whip
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    Re: wH !!!!!!, to be or not to be pronounce ?????

    Usually it's the Scottish who do that.

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    Unhappy Re: wH !!!!!!, to be or not to be pronounce ?????

    any clarification here

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    Re: wH !!!!!!, to be or not to be pronounce ?????

    Hi, there's this wiki article
    Phonological history of wh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    where is said that words that start with wh (white, which,..) have a different pronuntiation than words that start with w+vowel (wine, was,..) in Scotland, Ireland (except Dublin) and parts of NorthAmerica.
    The article has a map that shows the areas of NorthAmerica in which most people have the distinction, that being the Southwest, that is the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississipi,...

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