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    i like this page!
    I dont understand phrasal verb. Can you help me?

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    Re: hello

    A phrasal verb is a verb + preposition or adverb (go away, turn off). They are often used in conversation instead of more formal verbs, e.g. go on instead of continue.

    There are four kinds of phrasal verbs:

    1.Phrasal verbs without an object (non-separable, e.g. break down, go away)
    My car broke down on the motorway.

    2.Phrasal verbs that can be separable by an object (turn down, put on)

    * If the object is a noun, it can go either after both parts of the phrasal verb or between them.
    Turn down the radio. / Turn the radio down.

    * If the object is a pronoun it must go between the two parts.
    Turn it down! NOT: Turn down it.

    3.Phrasal verbs that canít be separated by an object (look for, look after)
    John is looking for a pen. / John is looking for it. NOT: Heís looking it for.

    4.Phrasal verbs with two prepositions / adverbs (get on with, run out of)
    I donít get on with my father. NOT: I donít get on my father with.


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