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Thread: Liaisons

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    Could you please tell me how to make liaisons in the sentence below, especially words in bold.
    You say it almost as if it were a single word.

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    Re: Liaisons

    /ju'sejɪt ɔ:lmǝʊstǝzɪf ɪtwǝrǝsɪŋglwɜ:d/ (Br English). Some may disagree, especially about the schwas - the one before the /z/, for example, could vary in length with the shortest form ending in a syllabic [z] . Many dictionaries would transcribe 'were' as /wɜ:/; but this one is unstressed (unless it has contrastive stress - as in something like "You said 'was' - you should have said 'as if it were a single word' [note, that's not me talking - it's just an example of a contrastive use of 'were']).


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