I think high school students should be taught about their country’s history which includes victory and failure, good side and bad side. Because if history only tells people the successful achievement what our precursors had made, that is not a real history. Real history cannot lack of its bad side. There is no doubt that country’s brilliant history can enhance students’ sense of honor of their motherland. So does it mean that we should keep students from knowing the bad history of their country? No, it is extremely wrong. Only when students know the history of their country, no matter good or bad, can they know what had really happened in the past of their country, how to avoid making the same mistakes again, and how to make their country more powerful in future.

Students live in the present. They can use their eyes and mind to detect what their country looks like now and what is happening in the country. But the eyes cannot content their curiosity about the past of their country. However, history can achieve their dreams. According to history, they can know some tremendous events which happened in the country before, and realize the difference of the country between past and now. But, if history is not comprehensive, they can hardly know what had really happened and how things really were in the past of their country. For example, Japanese government revised textbooks, for the purpose of hiding their merciless crimes in the Second World War. Most of Japanese students do not know their country invaded China in Second World War. It is a shame, it betray to their citizen. So, it is necessary to teach students both good and bad history in order to make them know the real history of their country.

Bad history implies some wrong decisions or mistakes made in the past. If students can be taught about their country’s bad history, they will have opportunities to correct the mistakes or make better decisions. In this way, the students will be able to prevent from producing another bad history in the future. On the contrary, they may follow the same old disastrous roads, and make bad history return again. Obviously, let students get experience from their country’s bad history is the best way to avoid bad history occurring again.

In addition, a country cannot go forward if its young citizens do not know the truth about their country. If a country does not have courage to tell integral history to its citizens, the country must be a conservative and shortsighted country. Such a country is impossible to become a strong country in the world. For instance, in China’s Qing Dynasty, the government implemented “Closed-Door Policy” that did not tell the bad history of the country to young students, what was more, the government boasted themselves about what marvelous achievement they had made in the country. The policy confused young people and they considered that their country was the best country in the world. So there was no desire for them to work hard and make their country stronger. But the fact was opposite, China was not a powerful country at all, and after a few years China was divided into pieces by European countries. Therefore, it is very important for the students to know the bad history of their country, the bad history can inspire them to work hard and make them understand how to make the country stronger than before.