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    Red face Prepositions/verbs

    Thank you so much for your last help.

    1. With the words: judo and track and field, can I use the verb "practice". I know that for sports, we use play.

    2. "I live far from school." / "I live far from the school". Can I use both???

    3. When I'm talking about physical activities, I will say: do exercise/take exercise (according to a dictionary - Uncountable). If I want to say "do exercises" with the meaning of physical activity, will it be wrong??? Because in the same dictionary I saw that "exercise" is Countable.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Prepositions/verbs

    1- You can practise any sport, but prctising judo just means trying to improve rather than describing having taken up the sport. I do judo, in fact I practise every day.

    2- Only use 'the' when necessary with school. If talking generally, then don't use the definite article:
    I live far from school. (my school)
    I live near the school wehere they had the fire last week.

    3- Do exercise- general, do exercises- a number of different ones, push-ups, etc.

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    Re: Prepositions/verbs

    I consider that most of the martial arts-- kyudo, judo, karate, tai kwon do, etc-- work best with 'practice' as they are considered more than a sport. 'Do' often appears with them, however.


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