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    lining up/greasy spoon/slap up dinner/the food was fusion/give smb. a ride

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am on the right track by the interpretation of the expressions in bold in the following sentences?

    We can see what most concerns Christ—what is most important to Him—at the end, when the pressures will be more intense than they have ever been in the history of man, when Satan is lining up all of his forces, all of his armies, all of his weaponry.

    line up = organize, make ready, make the arrangements for

    College students short of cash tend to eat a lot in a greasy spoon.

    Greasy spoon = a small, inexpensive, often unsanitary restaurant

    Let’s go out for a slap up dinner.

    slap up dinner = have a lot to eat

    The food was fusion. (The menu was mixed.)

    fusion = a style of cooking that combines ingredients and techniques from very different cultures or countries

    Paul is dealing with a clash of values within an individual.

    clash = contradiction; discrepancy; a conflict, as between opposing or irreconcilable ideas

    Was trying to figure out a way to have a good time and keep the money,too. Figure it couldn’t ne done. So, I decided to get shed of it.

    to get shed of it = to get rid of it

    During all that time the neighbors were ringing her up on the phone and asking what she was going to do with all that money, but that, too, in the beginning, failed to veer the even measure of her thoughts.

    failed to veer the even measure of her thoughts = did not change the quiet flow of her thoughts

    So, Robert Wilson thought to himself, she is giving him a ride, isn’t she? Or do you suppose that’s her idea of putting up a good show?

    to give somebody a ride = to mock at somebody, to ridicule somebody

    to put up a good show = to show oneself in an advantageous light

    He set his own private eagles to screaming, and he talked of battles won, and he wept for the mother of American boys who lay in France.

    he set his own private eagles to screaming = he made a chauvinistic speeche; the author make use of the idiom “to make the eagle scream”.

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: lining up/greasy spoon/slap up dinner/the food was fusion/give smb. a ride

    Those all look great to me, with these exceptions:

    A "slap up dinner" is a great dinner -- wonderful food and cooking. It refers to excellence rather than amount.

    "veer" means more than "change." It suggests a diversion in the direction of your progress, being sent in another direction, to go off the path.

    I don't know what "screaming eagles" means, but I think the gist of the passage is not that he gave speeches, but that his own thoughts were about military affairs, so as a consequence he talked about it in conversations.

    "Taking someone for a ride" means "putting them on" -- fooling or deceiving them in US slang. I don't know what "giving someone a ride" means -- it's British slang.
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