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    Smile Meaning of the sentences

    Dear Teachers,

    I am writing to ask the following sentences.

    The "ruling" is believed to be "the first of its kind", and demonstrates just how much views on parental roles have changed over the years.
    --What does the "ruling" here mean? and "the first of its kind" mean?

    "As little as" thirty years ago, afew people questioned the genderroles that had prevailed for centuries.
    --What does the "as little as" here mean?

    Studies have also found that the presence of the father in the home can contribute to lower juvenile crme rates, a decrease in "child poverty", and lower rates of teenage pregnancy.
    --What does that "child poverty" mean?



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    Re: Meaning of the sentences

    1. I am guessing it's about a court ruling when the judge comes up with a final decision in a particular case. It's what the court decides.
    2. as little as = only: it was only 30 years ago that...
    3. child poverty means exactly what it says: kids go hungry for days when single parents scrape by to feed and clothe their kids, afford any decent medical care, let alone any other extras that other kids take for granted.

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