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    bored with,tired of,Rain water

    My respected teachers

    I get bored with playing cricket.

    I'm tired of playing cricket.

    We can't use ''to'' after ''bored'' and ''tired'' in above sentenes, right?

    Rain water will slip on the roof without entering into it.So don't woryy about it.It'll never leak. Correct it please?

    Thank you!

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    Re: bored with,tired of,Rain water

    Hello untaught

    (1a) I get bored to with playing cricket.
    (1b) I get bored too with playing cricket.

    (2a) I'm tired to of playing cricket.
    (2b) I'm tired too of playing cricket.

    (3) Rainwater won't seep through the roof. So don't worry about it. The roof will never leak.

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