Kyla Johnson Classification and Division
Mrs. Sterling
ENGL 1113-003
12 October, 2009
My Generation
One of the things that have troubled me lately is my generation. The generation that is referred to is the group of people currently aged 15-21 - whether or not this is a "generation," so to speak, is irrelevant. These people, for the most part, disturb me. It frightens me to know that the people that I've grown up with are going to be leading the country and the world in the decades to come. The overwhelming majority of the kids my age that I've come in contact with over the past few years are apathetic monsters. They don't care about school, they don't care about themselves, and they don't care about their future.
Kids don't care about school. Why is it that so many kids decide that ditching school on a fairly consistent basis and/or not caring at all about their grades is the right thing to do? What could possibly be more important than school at such an age? As a kid I can find many other things to do besides sit in a boring classroom all day. We go, with the flow, so to speak. If our friends are doing it then it must be ok. You can’t tell me that getting high or skipping class is better for us then actually going and getting an education but it’s what kids do to pass time. You’d be a fool to tell my friends that getting high, going to a mall, getting trashed or any other
habit is bad for them. Today if you told a kid something is bad for them then your telling them to run off and do it kids don’t care about what they are doing to themselves just how they look doing it.
Even if we are told drugs will kill us it’s a “what we want to do” mentality. Kids don’t care about what drugs or not getting an education can do to their future they are just having fun. Seeing the effects drugs have on kids it seems like they can’t care even if they wanted to. We aren’t even suppose to know what drugs are let alone being taking them everyday just to feel that “out of body” experience. As long as kids can still get their “high” nothing else in the world matters. How are teenagers suppose to care when nothing is being done to stop it? It scares me to think about the future with the people I grew up with running it.
Most teenagers don’t even think about the future. It’s what we call “living in the moment.” Nothing else in the world matters but today. Of course no one wants to die but we all know if we have a play safe mind set then we will live a boring life. Drugs and alcohol is a way of just “L-I-V-I-N” to teenagers. Most kids don’t have a guilty conscious so when we get in trouble or told we can ruin our future it goes in one ear and out the other. To teenagers the future is so far away that we can’t even begin to think about it now. A teenager expects their parents to everything for them they shouldn’t have to think about their future. Most kids could live in their parents’ house until they are 40 and their parents wouldn’t mind at all. So why should kids stop doing drugs?
Drugs, alcohol, and sports are on the mind of teenager everyday. Not much more is thought about throughout the day. Getting out of bed in the morning and going to school is about all you can get out of kids. The system asks us to wake up, look presentable, and learn in school. That doesn’t seem like a lot but to a teenager it’s too much. So kids find other things they want to do to make everything they have to do more exciting. Your future is going to depend on the students in today’s generation. If I think about that too much it scares me. Drugs are getting more powerful and students aren’t making much of an effort to improve their future. If a teenager at age 16 has tried just about everything you can think of now then what is in their future? In their future it is nothing but finding something stronger and better, not in sports or education but in drugs and alcohol.