Independent Writing: The purpose of television is to educate,
not to entertain. do you agree with that?
One of the most important inventions of the human’s history is television (TV). Since it was invented, the broadcasting machine has been used for many purposes, it helps people relax, entertain them, not just educates.
Obviously, there are many TV programs that are designed to educate people, keep the viewers aware of what are happening in the wide world. Nowadays, in the hasty pace of life, people are spending more and more time on getting knowledge on TV not only for their jobs but also for daily purposes. People can know about the severe war in the Middle East, the presentation of the President or how the NYSE is working.
The entertaining purpose of TV is apparent, and it is an important purpose, too. After working hard, a person needs to rest, also, after being educated, he craves for being entertained. Teaching is not all, but teaching and entertaining when go together can have a good effect on TV viewers. The knowledge that they have got earlier can be absorbed more easily later on. They can listen to music, watch game-shows and other pleasure activities. This way, the stress that has strained viewers can be blown out more easily. Not only helping people get out of stress, TV also makes them have new ideas, and thoughts. The colors and sound that they see in many entertainment programs on the screen can somehow affect the brain, motivate it to work in diverse ways, hence the creation of art, songs or even science.
The entertaining programs on TV can also connect people all around the world, especially through interactive programs. People can share their opinions, their thoughts about certain global issues, therefore, not only the understanding among countries is improved but also the problems at the time can be solved more easily. Through TV, several songs that bear peace messages, such as “Heal the world”,can spread to many people, evoking in them the wish for peace and humanity.
To sum up, the educating purpose of TV cannot be denied, but is that all while there are also many programs on TV that are designed to make people laugh, cry, be happy or sad? TV should be seen as a device that can both educate and entertain viewers, not just a strict teacher who always forces his learners to be stressful with dry knowledge.