Dear Professors,

I'm about to work, and I have just written my Cover letter. If you feel free then correct it for me, please


October 8, 2009

HR Division.

I am a junior at University of Economics, majoring in accounting and auditing. I am seeking an internship for this spring 2010, and while researching opportunities in the field of audit, I found Grant Thornton Vietnam’s internship program from Jan to Apr 2010. I am writing to inquire about possible internship opportunities with your company.

In the internship posting it listed a strong academic record, developed interpersonal skills, and great passion for accounting work. I believe all my education, skills and interests match with them. When I study in my university, I received scholarship in 3 terms. Especially in term 4, I am in the top ten of students who have the best results in my Accounting and Auditing Faculty. I am also an active student. I joined in many activities of my university. From January to now, I am a Seminar Manager in A2C club. As a member of A2C club’s committee, my responsibility is holding seminars to bring students more knowledge, skills except for what they learned in their class. I held successfully five seminars such as: “Internship the lever to career”, “Teamwork skill”, “Telephoning skill”, “All about CPA Australia”, “Certifications need to our career”. Beside seminars, I also participate in celebrating 2 competitions: “Brainstorm 2008” and “CPA 2009” for not only students in my university but also students in others have a chance to relax and review. Through my club, I have strong communication, teamwork and administration skills.

I know Grant Thornton International is one of the world’s leading organizations of independently owned and managed accounting & consulting firms. Grant Thornton Vietnam is the first choice professional services provider throughout Vietnam. This internship would provide me with the ideal opportunity to assist at your organization and to improve my skills. I look forward to your test and interview.

Thank you for your consideration.



Thank you in advance