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    Help me Out

    I am confused about these things please solve them

    The train has gone.
    The train has been gone.

    What are the differences between them. Are both correct?

    Secondly. i have read somewhere that in Present perfect sentence if there is time given translate it into past indefinte

    He has passed the exams last year. There is time in this sentence thats y it sould be in past indifitne

    He passed the exams last year. If it is so then what about this sentence

    Today it has been rained.
    Today it Rained

    Please explain with reasons. Thanks in advance

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    Re: Help me Out

    Your rule is correct. "Has done" means now it is not necessary to do, so we use the past perfect with times given in the past.

    However, "the bus has been gone" and "today it has been rained" are incorrect.


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