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    single vs plural

    there are still many names that confuse me and I don't know whether I should consider them a single or a plural name:
    - percentages: for example 30% is" in favor" or "are in favor" of a certain decision?
    - news: the news is bad or the news are bad?
    - data: the data" is "or "are"?
    - Information: the information "is" or "are"?


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    Re: single vs plural

    Hello Daniellll

    From Percentage Definition | Definition of Percentage at

    When preceded by the, percentage takes a singular verb: The percentage of unskilled workers is small. When preceded by a, it takes either a singular or plural verb, depending on the number of the noun in the prepositional phrase that follows: A small percentage of the workers are unskilled. A large percentage of the crop has spoiled.


    • The news is bad.
    • The datum is, data is, data are ...
    • The information is ...

    Data is a plural of datum, which is originally a Latin noun meaning “something given.” Today, data is used in English both as a plural noun meaning “facts or pieces of information” (These data are described more fully elsewhere) and as a singular mass noun meaning “information”: Not much data is available on flood control in Brazil. It is almost always treated as a plural in scientific and academic writing. In other types of writing it is either singular or plural. The singular datum meaning “a piece of information” is now rare in all types of writing. In surveying and civil engineering, where datum has specialized senses, the plural form is datums.

    Source Data Definition | Definition of Data at

    See also AskOxford: Is 'data' singular or plural?

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