I am preparing my iBT test.

Topic: Years from now, people will have more leisure time

According to the leaped progression made in science and technology, productivity is lifted to such a high extent, which releases considerable labour force or converts them from the traditional handcraft industry to high-tech concentrated fields. Since we could accomplish the task efficiently with advanced work environments or devices, not mention to the possible exceeding achievements beyond that expected, we deserve more leisure time for relax.
However, with accelerated worldwide development, increasing competition between companies act as a major impulse factor, steering entrepreneurs to put up with various projects and measures containing more tasks, in order to help the companies stay in the proceeding rank. For most employees, more work contents are related to pressure. Here goes a saying, temperate pressure will give you a motivity. What if the pressure goes so far? Have you ever seen that someone cannot bear the pressure any more? Let's take a look at the electrical filed, some people in HuaWei company chose to suicide by jumping from the high building, that is because they have constantly exposed to an intense settings with anxieties, pressure and whatsoever upset emotions for a long time, which easily leaded to some terrible psychiatric problems. So people should get more leisure time, with which they could adjust themselves, deal with the emerging mental problems, enjoy wonderful times without pressure. In addition, get a release from time to time will keep your brain clearly, and be able to help you promote the work efficiency.
Lastly, I want to emphasis, some quarrels may break out between family members because of less leisure time spent together. You know that less time means less communication, which apt to result to decreasing concern about each other, eventually, marriages slip to danger and divorces may happen. More leisure time is indeed needed!