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    Post Can u please help me edit this text i want to send to my University dean back home:

    Can u please help me edit this text i want to send to my University dean back home:

    Dear Mr. Rony,
    I hope you still remember me I'm one of your first ESIG students. I remember submitting my application in a kiosk which was placed were the current administration parking is...
    I did my BBA in finance 2001-2004. After my BBA, I did my MBA 2005-2006 in Universite Bordeaux 4 at the same time I was working in an External Audit firm as a junior external auditor. Those years where formational years for me. I grew in wisdom and insight specially through the times of difficulties and challanges. ESIG contributed a lot in shaping my character and the way how I approach things in life.
    Mr. Rony what you are doing in Lebanon is something which will always inspire me and keep calling me on despite the hardship of life.

    After i graduated in the year 2006 I descided to take a small break; The idea was for me to go for a Christian gap year in Belfast city, Northern Ireland... This was a start of something very big in my life, I discovered that year the beauty of working in building God's people how powerful and amazing to simply help and serve without asking in return to be available and patiant with people...
    After my year in Belfast i moved to London, my work was mainly with University age students helping them to grow in there Christian walk and giving them a healthy and secure enviroment.
    In the last 2 years God gave me a tremendoius gifting in working with young people and Youth, this was through the different international and national youth camps I organised.
    After 3 years working full time with youth and community ministry, I thought i would like to be more professional in what Iím doing. I want to develop my abilities and gifting to the highest potentials.
    I did apply for King's Collage London to do a MA in Youth Ministry. Thank God, last week, I did receive an uncoditional offer 'see attachement' from King's Collage (Englandís oldest and most prestigious university institutions currently ranked as one of the worldís top 25 universities).
    For me this is a very significant step Where I will have the chance to study with one of the world's brightest students.
    I have a problem I need an extra £5500 to make it through 2009/2010 academic Year.

    I would be honored to receive any donation from either yourself personnaly or ESIG/LCU. As i mentioned before without your initiatives to start sometrhing new in Lebanon I wouldn't be now studying in one of the top ranked Universities. I will keep you updated where I am at diffrent stage in life and hopefully at the end of the day I would apply my youth work skills to develop a better environment for our Lebanese teenagers.

    My best Regards.

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    Re: Can u please help me edit this text i want to send to my University dean back hom

    Ann seems to be onto it, so you should have your response soon...

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    Thumbs up Re: Can u please help me edit this text i want to send to my University dean back hom

    Thank you anupumh. Looking forward to hear Ann's response.

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