This is supposed to be a 250 word or more, two paragraph comparison and contrast paper.

I need some input on it... because I don't think it's that good but would like some suggestions on what I should change.


Quest for Knowledge
Once I was young and ignorant; now I’m grown and knowledgeable. Ever since I started high school, all I wanted was for it to end, because I was ready to “Start a Life”. A dream I’ve had since I was kid was to fly jet planes, but that was just a dream. To my folks, as long as I had a job and helped pay the bills, my dreams would just remain dreams. I wouldn’t blame my parents for my ignorance but I could blame it on the public school system. Lucky for me, my dad stopped my school before they put me in “Special Ed” classes, just because I had a problem spelling. Although growing up, I was always slower than all the other kids in all subjects, working while all my friends went to college. How was I supposed to know an education would be better than “Just Work”? My parents never told me! After high school, if you were to tell me to go to college, I would have laughed in your face.
One day, after only working four years, I became sick. I wondered how my parents had lived a life working twenty four hours a day, seven days a week (or so it felt), only to find yourself deeper and deeper in debt. Working for pennies, it seemed to me. I asked myself, is this, what I want to do for the rest of my life? This is when I began my quest for knowledge and education. Looking for a way to better myself and my family I started with what I was good at, computers. Learning everything I could until I was able to charge for my knowledge. Repairing computers was better income then any job I had ever had but that was still never ending. This was only a temporary solution to a never ending problem and of course it wasn’t enough; my yearning for knowledge only grew. This was only the start of my education, struggling as a kid, ignorance as a teen, and knowledgeable as an adult. I intend to go to college, overcome all obstacles and provide peace for my family.