Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The government should require all young adults to perform some kind of national service, such as military service or social
service. (question)

If a country is regarded as a home where we belong to, I think the leader of this home must be government. Because this "leader" is a pivot of our life, it not only administrate lots of state affairs but also further plans the way in which we manage ourselves. I think the government should require all young adults to partcipate in some national sercive, for the purpose of enhancing national strenght, fulfilling citizens' social responsibilities,and stimulating their love of moherland.

There is no doubt that national strenght is a important index to manifest how powerful a country is. Young adults join in some national survice can improve a country's strength. For instance, young people join up as soldiers can have ability to resist the enemies when their country is invaded. What is more, young peole who become volunteers of important
activities can bring convenience and harmony to people and society.Although performing national service is not a easy job, it will give lots of interests and benefit to young people. To sum up, it is important for young people to become members of national service in order to enhance their country's national strength.

Fulfilling social responsibility has become a indispensable part of people' careers. If citizens do not attach great importance to their own duties, the country would not far from precipice. According to the Constitution, young adults should take on responsibilities to service their country in some crucial aspects, which are concerned with national safety and
development. Only when most of young people join in the national service voluntarily can the country has a bright future. So, no matter who you are or whether you interset it or not , we should be required to service our country unconditionally.

Performing national service is an excellent form to show our enthusaism and love to our country. However, with economy develops rapidly, more and more young people pay less attention to their country. Joining in national service is effective way to solve this problem. For examble, in 2008 Olympic Games, many young people became volunteers to help
people who came from all over the world. Because of their earnest survices, foreigners gave a marvelous impression on China, and young volunteers also took pride in their country by their hard work. Therefore, it is beneficial for young people performing national service in order to enhance their sences of honor of country.

In conclusion, i think government require all young adults to performing national service is an excellent way to make our country better and better.