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    I don't know the difference. Can someone tell me which English speakers use? Which is correct?

    What is your horoscope?
    What is your sign?
    What is your zodiac?

    My horoscope is aries.
    My sign is aries.
    It is aries.

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    Re: horoscope

    Your horoscope is the reading that one gets from studying your birthdate, etc. The reading includes a study of your "sign" which is the period of the Zodiac in which you were born.

    To ask what one's horoscope is, is to invite an answer such as, "today I will meet someone who will change my life." To ask what one's sign is, is to invite an answer such as "Libra."

    You don't say, "What is your Zodiac" as the Zodiac is all twelve signs in the sky. You may ask which sign of the Zodiac one is, but not what their Zodiac is.


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