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    emails! how to start to reply??

    Well, As a beginner , Im finding it hard replying to emails. Would you please help me overcome this? possibly some sampls maight help.
    1- reply to earlier interview.
    2-reply to letter.
    3 etc..
    Example :mail i received today:
    "Hi XXX, I have spoken to the tutor and she is happy for you to come along to the class to do an initial assessment. The class is run on an appointment basis, which means you should phone to make an apponitment with the tutor. The class runs every Tuesday from 4.30-7.30 and you would phone PPPPP to make an appointment on.....
    Any suggestions please .
    thank you .

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    Re: emails! how to start to reply??

    e-mails are essentially informal. If you have a name at the end of a message, then use it when starting yours: Dear Claire....

    Otherwise there are not hard and fast rules. Treat them as formal letters if you feel that is how they will be read.

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