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    Post website Phtogallery in english

    Hello everybody,

    I have a website, photogalerry of mine. I would like to publish it in ENglish. Please help me to translate it. Thank you in advance.

    Firstly topics:

    Ewa Kwiatek’s Photogallery
    Single photography
    Photo sessions
    Home page
    Add to favorites
    Notify a friend
    Visitors’ Book
    design by Ewa Kwiatek. All rights reserved.
    Cats – single photography
    Dogs – single photography
    Kleks – single photography
    Kennel Hazba
    Kennel Gold Blue Pl
    Cat show
    Dog show

    Next text on the main page:
    I started being interested In photography seriously about 1999. My first love is dogs, especially one – a ‘ la English Cocker Spaniel. First I needed photos for Kleks’s website, later I was gotten into the swing of photography. It was the beginning. I take photo mainly about dogs. Recently I busy with taking photo of cats.
    I adore focusing on the details, which of their own accord means nothing. Together – create unique image.
    If you are interested in photo session of your pet, don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Autumn photo of Kleks. You find them at Single photography, gallery of Kleks.
    I am after another photo session . This time Yuki posed.
    At Photo session you will find photos of Spot.
    I added photographs which I took during walk in the forest. You can see them in the categories Single photography – Dogs and Kleks.
    At Single photography – Kleks I placed new photos of my pet.
    At Single photography I added a new category of photos – Kleks.
    These ar3 exts from first page of my website.

    And text at he contact page:
    Everybody, who is interested in photo session of his or her pets (not only dogs and cats), feels free to contact me. I offer photos for photo session. In Sopot and Gdynia drive for free. Gdańsk – for returning costs. I offer photos on location and in closed room.
    Best regards, Ewa
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    Re: website Phtogallery in english

    Hi (Czesc) Ewa

    What do you mean by translating? Do you want somebody to proof read, that there are no spelling/garmmar or vocab mistakes?

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    Re: website Phtogallery in english

    Quote Originally Posted by misiania View Post
    Hi (Czesc) Ewa

    What do you mean by translating? Do you want somebody to proof read, that there are no spelling/garmmar or vocab mistakes?

    Hi (czesc) misiania
    Exactly :)

    Best regards, Ewa

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