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Thread: CH sound

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    CH sound

    firts of all I am very gratefull for the kind of work you guys do by responding to every thread.
    I have a problems recognizing CH sound. What other words besides Rightious, Christian and Question make the Ch sound. I am aware of the obvious words such as Future, Statute, Congratulations, church, ect. I want to know the not so obvious such as Rightious.

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    Re: CH sound

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    Re: CH sound

    It's called palatalization.

    The letter "t" is pronounced as an affricate, [ch], before a high vowel:


    (Note, /t/ is often voiced to [dj], as in jump: congra[dj]ulations

    Also, the letter "t" is pronouced [ch] before "i" and "e":

    righteous (Note, phonetically "e" is [I])

    Notice also the sounds that come before "t". In our three examples above, fricatives "gh" and "s" come before "t". Look at words where "t" is preceded by a stop, or plosive,


    /t/ is pronoucned [sh].

    Look for words that have medial "ti" and "te", preceded by fricatives. That's a start.

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