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Thread: have it that...

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    Smile have it that...

    Rumour has it that we'll have a new manager.
    I know the meaning of this sentence.
    There is a rumour that we'll have a new manager.

    But I wonder what the words underlined in the sentence function as.
    Is that a relative pronoun or a conjunction?
    Is it a preparatory object?
    Or 'Rumour has it' is an inversion of normal word order 'It has rumour', isn't it?
    It's hard to understand the structure of the sentence.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Re: have it that...

    Rumor has it that, an idiom, is another way of saying there are rumors that say (that).

    The difference between a relative pronoun and a conjunction is that the latter can often be omitted without changing the meaning of the sentence; e.g., She said (that) she'd be late.

    Is that the case here?

    • Rumor has it (that) we'll have a new manager.


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