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    Question What time do you make it?

    I found these two sentences in "Oxford Word Skill (Advanced)":
    Verb: make sth sth
    Meaning: think or calculate sth to be a particular time or number
     1.My watch says 10.20. What time do you make it?
     2.He bought ten more; I make that 25 now.
    Even though there is a meaning column for the expresion "make sth sth," I still can't be sure of the meaning of these two example sentences.
    I guess the meaning of sentence 1 is that "My watch says 10.20. What does your watch say?"(,which means maybe I want to synchronize my watch with yours, so I want to know what is the time on your watch.) and the meaning of sentence 2 is that "He bought ten more; I think he has got 25 of that thing now."(which means he already got 15 of that thing and now he adds 10 more, so he has 25 of that thing now.)

    Am I guessing it right or wrong? Thanks in advance!

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    Re: What time do you make it?

    You are correct.

    I would suggest that idiom comes from a basic mathematical expression: One and one make two. It seems only to be used with numbers (I make it 10:20; I make that 25) not with other conditions (I've never heard, "it's sunny outside so I make that a nice day" for example)

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