Dear XXX:
In reference to your advertisement in the web for “Mechanical Engineer-mobile phone”, I am very interested in this position and I believe that I have the qualifications to fit this position.

I have five and half years mechanical design experience and in turn acted as mechanical engineer and mechanical manager in Techfatith,Siemens and Nokia. During this period, I have leaded and participate in lots of projects and have accumulated a wealth of experience in mechanical design, reliable test, CAD tools, mold, material, process, manufacturing, RF, ESD and acoustic. At the same time, I have achieved remarkable progress at problem analysis, project management, team work, communication and reporting. In addition, I like innovation and I have strong learning ability, good execution and responsibility.
I prefer technical type job more, I believe the interest and the appropriate professional character would make me get great success. I also expect join in a well-known and strong team that respects and regards techniques. I am enthusiastic for this and I want to join the team and enjoy together.
Thanks for your patience. If I really have the opportunity to show myself, I believe that it will not let you down.
Yours sincerely