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Thread: Proofread Help

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    Proofread Help


    Need help to proofread (verb tenses) the essay below and add another absolute phrase (underline).

    Would greatly appreciate if I got answer before Monday - 10/26.

    Thanks much.

    The creatures, some sitting on chairs, others reclining on a sofa, were all watching him intently. Bobby, frightened and not knowing what it was, became aware and felt the adrenaline flowing through his heart. Suddenly the creatures, as if they heard a noise, started bouncing uncontrollably. While running to find cover, Bobby felt a sudden blow at the back of his head, slowly falling down on his knees, first hitting the ground and then his body last. Almost lifelessly, he laid flat on the ground. Dazed and confused, he regains his consciousness, temporarily recovering from being knocked out. Slightly awakening, he feels the tight squeeze on his waist like an anaconda preparing to constrict its prey. While he figures out what happened, the creatures, a few sleeping under the cushions of the sofa, start to argue from side to side about something, like military generals secretly thinking about strategies to defeat the enemy. Gaining more awareness and noticing that his waist wore a rope tied around him, he closes his eyes, and struggles to free his body. Trying to put the puzzles together, he wonders why the creatures only appear when his parents are not around.

    • Join Date: Oct 2009
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    Re: Proofread Help

    Any help? Please.

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