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    Exclamation Oximoron: Neutral Accent


    Do you think there is any term as "Neutral Accent"

    Dont you think its an Oximoron?

    An accent can never be neutral and neutral should not have an accent..


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    Re: Oximoron: Neutral Accent

    Hi anupumh

    Think of black, white and shades of grey as being called "neutral colours".
    A "neutral accent", by comparison, is an accent without "local colour" - a "flat" accent.


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    Re: Oximoron: Neutral Accent

    Of course,

    you may be correct.

    Neutral Accent may be an Oxymoron.

    For example, Serious Joke is an Oxymoron, but the phrase is sensible.
    In the same way, Neutral Accent is sensible but an Oxymoron.

    Though it has a refined definition in it's core, it's really a controversial phenomenon on the other hand.

    You can even check out more details from neutral accent official website.

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