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    I am most intersted in the origin of the frame or word "OK"

    Thank you in advance


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    Re: OK

    The origins of OK have been much debated. It was first recorded in Boston in 1839, and remained an Americanism until the 1920s. Some have sought its
    etymology in an American Indian language, others in European immigrant languages including French, Finnish, Scots English and especially German. A
    likely explanation is that the letters stand for “Oll Korrect,” a humorous misspelling of all correct. A.W. Read’s research (reported in the Oxford Dictionary, 1989) also suggests that the abbreviation gained rapid acceptance because the initials coincided with “Old Kinderhook,” nickname of Martin van Buren (US president 1837–41), who came from the Dutch community of Kinderhook, New York.

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