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    Can u plz tell me?

    i need to write to the UNO about my community that we are having lots of problems like loadshading water supplies e.t.c so plz tell me how to start and end the letter. and give me an idea how to show the problems we are facing. and yes plz send the answers to me as soon as you can becuse i hav no time..THANK YOU

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    Re: Can u plz tell me?

    Welcome to the forums. I am afraid you have to do the work.

    Which organization do you want to contact? Look up the UN website and identify the exact one. Find out if there is an office in your country. Contact the office and ask for the name of the officer to write to.

    Any letter must be very exact as to what your village's problems are, and how the organization might help.

    When you have done the groundwork, draft a letter and post it for comment.


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