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  1. alexia

    Smile Help needed

    Hello, can you help? I have to explain why in the expression 'I'm in a hurry' we use the article 'a', and we cannot say: 'I'm in hurry'. Thank you very much.

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    Re: Help needed

    Though we don't use the plural much, if at all, it's a singular countable noun.

  3. alexia

    Re: Help needed

    Thank you very much, but my problem is related to the translation into my L1 language: Italian, and it doesn't correspond to the one in English with the article, so can I say that 'in a hurry' is an idiomatic expression, or a fixed expression? Please help!!

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    Re: Help needed

    "hurry" functions as a noun and it means, great or eager haste. Nouns require an article:

    What's the hurry?
    I'm in a hurry.

    Moreover, the word "in" is a preposition, and prepositions require nouns as their objects:

    I'm in a rush.
    I'm in a house.
    I'm in trouble. (In this case, 'trouble' comes from an adjective, so when it functions as a noun, it doesn't require an article.)

    The adjectival form of "hurry" is hurried:

    He is a man. (noun)
    He is a hurried man. (noun, adjective)

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