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    First day on the forum

    Hello all,

    My name is Scott and today is my first time using the forum.

    I decided that I really want to TEFL this weekend after a long career with British Airways as long haul crew.

    I have an interview on Tuesday for a position in China.

    I dont have a degree or any other relevant qualifications so as you can imagine, I feel a little un-armed.

    I would love to hear from people that have started in my position and also any advice about my new career.



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    Re: First day on the forum

    Try to check the school out carefully first. Try searching for the name of the school + blacklist, which might bring up any complaints about it. If there are a number of complaints, especially with repeats of the same problems, it might be a place to avoid. If you want to do the job for any period of time, then get qualified- without qualifications, your choices are restricted and you are more likely to find yourself working for one of the sharks.

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