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    English curriculum

    Hi everyone,
    I am a student of English and now I am being asked to design an English curriculum for Teachers' traing college. It will be about every aspect related to the process of teaching Enlglish to teachers-to-be for 3 years such as the goal of teaching English, the role of teachers and students, teaching approaches, assessment and evaluation.....I am wondering if you guys have any ideas, articles, anything so that I can have an idea how to start.
    Thank you so much

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    Re: English curriculum

    Could you give us some more info- aims of the students, levels, expected outcomes (exams, etc)? Nationality(ies), etc.

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    Re: English curriculum

    Well, I am to build an English curriculum for a new college which has not had major in English before. As such, I wish to learn some models of other colleges that aim at training teachers of English for secondary schools so that I can form an idea of what I should do. Students are all Vietnamese and they are supposed to learn English at secondary schools. Actually, I have to start at the beginning, which confuses me a lot. I need to determine the goal of teaching, aproaches, textbooks.....So I am in dire need of your help, thoughts and suggestions.
    Thanks so much

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